Thursday, May 25, 2006

Legal Documents Pre-Indictment

Filed 7/20/04
Motions of Russert and Cooper to quash their subpoenas is denied.
This order also refers to an exparte Fitzgerald filing.

Filed 7/20/04
Subpoena TIME
Requesting production of notes, tape recordings, e-mails or other documents of Cooper’s relating to articles he had contributed to or written.

Filed 7/20/04
Motion of Matthew Cooper and Time Inc. to Quash Subpoena and/or for Protective Order
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion

Filed 8/6/04
Denial of Cooper and TIME motion to quash
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion

Filed 8/9/04
Cooper and TIME held in Contempt
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion

Deposition 8/23/04
Cooper deposition and TIME released documents
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion

Filed 8/27/04
Fitzgerald Affidavit
Released 3/3/06 after FOI request

Analysis Marcy Wheeler

Filed 9/9/04
Court’s September 9, 2004 Memorandum Opinion in the case Misc. No. 04-407
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion
This case number (Misc. No. 04-407) also appears in the 8/27/03 Fitzgerald affidavit along with Misc. No. 04-406. The Fitzgerald Affidavit refers to Miller and redacted. Pincus or Novak are possiblities for redacted

9/13/04 Subpoena
Cooper and TIME / These subpoenas requested testimony and documents from Mr. Cooper and documents from Time regarding conversations between Cooper and official sources prior to July 14, 2003 regarding former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, his 2002 trip to Niger, his wife Valerie Plame, and/or any affiliation between his wife Valerie Plame and the CIA.
See 11/20/04 Memorandum Opinion

Filed 11/20/04
Cooper and TIME motion to quash is denied

Decided February 15, 2005


Correspondence regarding Miller's waiver September 2005

Dated 9/12/05
Re: Special Counsel Investigation

Fitzgerald letter to Libby's lawyer Tate
Mr. Libby has discussed a meeting with Ms. Miller on July 8, 2003, at the St. Regis Hotel and a later conversation between Mr. Libby and Ms. Miller by telephone in the late afternoon on July 13, 2003.

In closing, let me be clear that I cannot, and am not, seeking to compel a communication from either Ms. Miller or Mr. Libby or their respective counsel, nor do I wish to be copied on any such correspondence or to participate in any such conversation.

Dated 9/15/05
Libby letter to Miller (Aspen Reference)

Dated 9/16/03
Tate response to 9/12/03 Fitzgerard letter

Dated 9/29/05
Floyd Abrams (Miller's lawyer) Letter to Tate regarding Miller waiver

He also repeats your assertion that I "assured" you that that Ms. Miller's stand was "unrelated to" Mr. Libby and there was "nothing more" you ot Mr, Libby could do. That statement is also incorrect. I assured you of no such thing.

Analysis Waas / Interviewed Abrams
Analysis Jeralyn Merritt


Russert response / Maguire

Analysis Tom Maguire


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